John Martin is an Intuitive Healer and International Visionary.

Blessed with his gifts since childhood, John communicates with spiritual guides such as Archangels and other incorporeal beings to build a bridge between worlds, creating powerful and lasting health and healing.

John has traveled throughout Europe, Canada, The United States, India¬†and Australia healing people in person, by phone, over Skype, with a photo or by simply using a name. John’s methods include DNA encoding and reprogramming, karmic link erasure and modification and regression therapy. He also realigns auras, and repairs auric leaks and tears. John is able to reveal a person’s life’s purpose and identify the gifts they already possess to guide them toward fulfilling their mission.

He has healed and transformed thousands of people from all walks of life – from artists, filmmakers and athletes to teachers, public servants and stay-at-home parents. He has helped many suffering from serious illness to obtain improved health and comfort. In addition, John has consulted for high-level corporations, assisting in the rebuilding of companies and donates his time to work with those struggling with addiction and recovery.

A native of France, John makes a yearly pilgrimage to Lourdes, where he received his first messages from his guides. He also travels regularly to Jerusalem to deliver the prayers he has collected from people asking for his help. His book, Become Who You Are, is available on Kindle E-book..

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