Angelic Healing Certificate
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Angelic Healing Certificate

Angelic Certification


In four sessions, John will create a direct connection to the angelic realm. In this space, your true self is revealed and you will feel and experience your inner self at a soul level. This program is designed to take you into a state of deep healing and soul connection.

Throughout this process:

  • your auric field will be cleansed
  • past life and karmic links are erased
  • emotional blockages and pain will be released

You will:

  • become grounded, centered, and protected
  • learn to connect and stay connected to the divine energy of your soul
  • receive messages from your guides and angels
  • increase your intuitive abilities
  • receive deep soul healing and connection
  • have your life’s mission and divine gifts revealed to you

Your faith and enthusiasm for life will increase and you will feel an increased motivation for living life with purpose.

The certificate program takes place in 4 sessions of 40 minutes over 2 days.

A session of 40 minutes is incredibly powerful and each session builds on the one before it. Many people report feeling like they have taken a quantum leap in their vibration upon completion.