John Martin Angelic Vortex Certificate
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Angelic Vortex Certificate

Angelic Vortex Certifiaction


The Angelic Vortex Certificate program picks up where we left from the Angelic Healing Certificate.

We will build on the strong foundation we have established and the connection we have created between the Angelic Realm and your own soul.

You will notice a drastic increase in your perceptions, gifts and abilities.Throughout the Angelic Vortex program you will learn:

  • How to create and use a vortex of energy
  • How to perceive energy through your gifts, visions and feelings
  • How to increase the level of energy in a room
  • How to tune into a specific vibration (Archangel Michael, Jesus, The Pyramids) and how to use it
  • How to use telepathic gifts
  • How to release blockages and pains
  • How to clean auras

In addition, you will learn techniques to heal so that you can experiment with them and perceive the changes instantly.

The Angelic Vortex Certificate takes place in 10 sessions of 40 minutes, over two weeks-ends or over 5 weeks.