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Get started with John Martin!
How amazing would it be to know exactly the right thing to do in our life, at any time? How great would it be to feel always connected to Life, being always happy, and being able to achieve all our dreams with Ease and Joy?
That’s what I wish to offer you and much more.
Below, you will find a questionnaire that will help you defining the areas of your life you deserve to improve. It happens to be very accurate, and so easy to go through.
Then, you will discover tools, organised in three categories from beginner, intermediate and advanced, to help you on this path.
Many of those tools are free, so you will be able to manifest those shifts quickly and reach your goals with happiness.

Answer this 2 minute survey and find out how close you are from having the life you deserve!

When it comes to feel better, have a great life, it is important to know where we are, before starting to wish something else.
You need to take a snapshot of where you stand right now. You might wish to take another snapshot later on to see how much progress you made along your path. It will help you to acknowledge the steps you made and to identify the topics you wish to improve.
You are the best person to honestly find those answers inside of you.

For each question, give a grade from 1 to 10. 1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest.

1. How do you perceive your physical body health?
2. How great are your overall relationships with others? (family, friends, partner, social friends, relatives)
3. Where do you perceive yourself on your spiritual path?
(1: at the beginning, 10: at its maximum)
4. How well do you perceive your life purpose, the reason why you are on Earth?
5. How well do you take care of your body? (eat, drink, smoke, exercice)
6. How peaceful are you? (1: very stressed, 10: very calm)
7. How optimistic are you? (1: very depressed, 10: very optimistic)
8. How happy are you with the free time you have to enjoy life?
9. How much happiness does your work bring you?
10. How great are your finances?
11. How great do you deal with your emotions?
12. How much do you perceive you use the full potential of your skills and abilities?

Add all numbers of your 12 answers. You will get a number between 12 and 120.

  • If your score is below 30, you need an alignment urgently.

  • If your score is between 30 and 60, you are in pain, struggling. You have ideas on how to get out of this maze but you need help to get your life sorted.

  • If your score is between 60 and 90, you are on the way to find who you are. Keep implementing tools and techniques, they help you unfolding your path.

  • If your score is above 90, congratulations. You are using your own tools to help others and probably always looking to upgrade your skills and efficiency.

In order to increase your score rapidly and manifest quick positive changes in your life, focus on the 3 questions you got the lowest scores.
There are many tools to help you achieving amazing results.

There is one tool in particular that gives  fast and very accurate results that I love using. The Spiritual Coded Programs (SCP) are 20 min videos. You can watch them when you want, anywhere you want. You will also find easy to use tutorials to help you choose and define the SCP that best correspond to what you are looking for.
Learn More about the SCP


I look forward to help you on your path to success.
Talk to you soon,
+61 406 578 144
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