Guided Energy Meditation (G.E.M) by John Martin
The Spiritually Coded Programs are affordable, very powerful and accurate. They include tools, visualization exercises, and energy work. Orders for individual specifically crafted SCP by John Martin are also available.
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Guided Energy Meditation (G.E.M)

Guided Energy Meditation G.E.M

The Guided Energy Meditations (G.E.M), also called Spiritually Coded Programs (S.C.P), are 20 min videos, crafted by John Martin. They are 52 different ones, 17 hours total of recorded videos. They are affordable, very powerful and accurate. They include tools, visualization exercises, and energy work.

Your body is amazing. You can unprogram patterns, behaviours, illnesses, and replace them with positive thoughts, and quantum energy shifts. Within few weeks, your life will be just great and fun!

When we create the list of things we wish to improve in our life, we often come up with the same topics.
We wish to get rid of entities, develop our abilities, manifest more abundance, release our fears…


It took me only two sessions watching this video to completely release the blockages I had around my guilt I kept for so long. It was amazing. I highly recommend the Guided Energy Meditations to anyone.
Sylvie M.

The entities in my body were driving me crazy. I couldn’t keep with it. I felt not me anymore. Within few sessions of the Guided Energy Meditations and they were all gone. I had my life back.
Richard T.

Being able to feel the activation of my chakras and the flow of energy running through them just by watching the Guided Energy Meditations is amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who wish to connect even closer to their abilities.
Mae U.

Enjoy 2 FREE G.E.M 😉

Here is the list of the G.E.M available at $50 each.
You will be able to download the YouTube link on your checkout page of your purchase.

Chakras activation

Activate, stabilise, realigns your chakras.

Entities Removal

Clear and release entities.
Increase your level of frequency, repair your aura leaks, help you reconnecting with your soul.


When you really need some help.

Get the 52 G.E.M package worth $2.600 for only $350 or for $390 on an installment plan.

List of the 52 Guided Energy Meditations included in the package:

Eating habits, hormonal imbalances, loneliness, emotions, sleep, stress, psoriasis, self development, life purpose, anger management, skin rejuvenation, sensitivity, eye sight, behavior patterns, anxiety, public speaking, weight loss, rescue, entity removal, psychic clearing, OCD, self confidence & self esteem, memory, noxious relationship to end, tolerance, music skills, hysteria, ferial animals, work personal life balance, addictions, justice will be served, let the truth be told, vision, shame and guilt, balance your sex drive, pressure, power, past life release, lyme disease, AIG kids (autistic, intuitive, genius kids), love, grief, fire, chakras activation, 3rd eye activation, grounding, trust, self love, change, loss break-up, radiations, fears.

52 Guided Energy Meditations
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Total $390.00 AUD
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52 Guided Energy Meditations at $350.