Healing tools
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Healing tools

Healing tools


When we think about healing, many things pop up in our mind. They are so many different modalities and therapists to help us feel better, be better, and live better. Which ones to choose? The one you feel connected to. The one you feel is right for you.
Here are several healing tools I would like to share with you. I hope they will be helpful on your journey.

Tips: Keep your eyes open during these exercises so you will integrate your intuition and perceptions more easily in this realm. Keep your legs uncrossed so the energy flows better.

Crystal ball. Use this visualisation exercise to be connected with your soul and to be more grounded. It helps when making life purpose decisions. Sit on a chair. Take a deep and slow breath.

Visualise inside of you, two centimeters below your belly button, a clear calm crystal water. On top of this water, just below your belly button, visualise a shining white crystal ball. This crystal ball is your soul. I would like you to focus on this crystal ball, feel it shinning, feel the water holding it. The more you focus on this crystal ball, the more you get connected with your soul. You may do this exercise at home or even on public transport. You can practice it as many times as you wish, from several seconds up to several minutes. When you feel really connected to your crystal ball, you may ask the questions you need answers for. You will be surprised at how easily they come to you through visions, words or perceptions. Have fun.

Lavender oil. For those of you who wish to clear their aura, increase their auric field and increase their gifts. Lavender oil is very powerful. You need to be very grounded when you used it otherwise you will get dizzy very quickly.  If this happens, just connect to your crystal ball and the energy will settle within few seconds. Take a bath and put 3 drops of lavender oil in the water. Each following day take a bath and double the amount of lavender oil drops (3, then 6, 12, 24…). Keep doing this exercise until you empty the lavender oil bottle. It usually takes 5-7 days. The more drops you have in your bath, the more is affects your physical body, working deeply on your cells. It clears not only your aura, but your thoughts, as well as clearing any etheric links you don’t need any more. It is a deep clearing process. You may do this healing once or twice a year.

White screen. This is very helpful with obsessive memories and traumas, from this life or past life events. First, you need to focus on your crystal ball, and stay connected to it during all this exercise. Then visualise a white rectangle screen in front of you. On this screen you are going to project the memories you wish to get rid of. They may be images, or movies. You may also wish to include the dialogues if there is any. Then, visualise the white frame getting whiter and whiter, lighter and lighter and rising higher and higher. Visualise the frame braking down into fine tiny white particles of energy and vanishing into thin air. If you feel getting emotional during this process, focus on your crystal ball and you will feel much better right away. Start by clearing easy memories from this life. Then clear older events and more painful ones.

John Martin
Business, Life and Spiritual mentor

Alternative Voice, March-April 2016


Healing Tools, by John Martin, March-April 16 Alternative Voice

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