Holistic Centers
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Holistic Centers

John Martin at Holistic Centers

Nature’s Energy, Sydney, NSW

Multi-Award Winning Day Spa
Rated by CNN as one of Sydney Top Day Spa

Fridays:  Balmain, 312 Darling St
Sundays: Newtown, 173 King St

30 min $61

Bookings: call Nature’s Energy on +61 02 9555 5533


Blessed with his gifts since childhood, John delivers precise visions, accurate numbers, and professional service, as a Psychic and Tarot Reader.

John communicates with Spiritual Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters, to build a bridge between worlds, creating powerful and lasting health and healings.

John has helped and transformed thousands of people from all walks of life, from artists, filmmakers, athletes, business owners, and stay at home parents. to higher frequency levels.

6 WEEK COURSE: Develop your Psychic abilities
Gnostic Forest, Woy Woy, NSW
5/21 The Boulevard

Mondays 2-4pm, starting Monday 27th March
$200 or $40 each session at the door.

Bookings: call Gnostic Forest on +61 02 4342 4466

Learn how to unlock and develop your psychic abilities in order to connect to your spirit guides, angels and your higher self.

Through series of guided exercises, individual attunements, and spiritual energy shifts, John will help you to connect to your gifts and abilities and learn how to use them.

Awareness Institute
1/20 Clarke St
Crows Nest, NSW 2065

Wednesdays, starting mid April 2017

Intimate group of 20 people max
7:00PM – 7.20PM: Healing Meditation
7:20PM – 8:00PM: Individual attunements and discussions

Regular Price $60 AUD
JMU Member $50 AUD

Bookings: call John on +61 406 578 144

With the help of his Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters, John creates a vortex of energy to surround each person in the room. Manipulating it with great precision allows him to change the density, the type of vibration and the intensity. Every person within the space perceives the vibrations and receives the specific healing they need.

The different vibrations that John brings forth correspond to a specific task; some will help you feel more grounded and focused, others will align your auras and chakras. You will become more connected to your higher self, increasing your gifts and abilities and helping you to deal with your sensitivities in a positive, profound way.

As your body and higher-self begin to open, John will be able to pick up your pains, blockages, patterns and karmic links and know exactly what is needed to release them. John will create specific energy programs in order to release what he detects. As he makes eye contact with you, your aura will light up and expand, thanks to the incredible power of the vortex created from all participants in the room. Through this session, you will also be able to see the changes happening in front of your eyes on the other people present!

The experience is controlled and completely safe. As John is focused on the healing of one person, they are enveloped in White Light. As their negative energy is released, John transforms it into white Divine energy. The energy then becomes lighter, whiter and travels higher in the vortex, where it breaks down into fine tiny particles in order to be used again as pure, clean energy. This is an amazing experience you do not want to miss.

Imagine the group healing experience dedicated 100% to just one person. This is a deeper and more intense experience thank a group healing – you might even be able to perceive John’s past lives as your vision will be transported to higher frequency levels.