John Martin University
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John Martin University

Studies are boring. You spend most of your time learning things that you won’t need in your daily life. You still get your diploma because this allows you to get a job, sometimes. Studies cost a lot of money, not too many people can afford it. Studies take too much time. You often can’t start University before you reach 18 years old. Studies bring you knowledge only from one point of view, mostly economic and bidimensional.


I started my first job in France as a teacher in second year university, teaching Economics, Marketing, Accounting, and Communication, after graduating from a Business School being the only student of my school graduating with a Master’s Degree in both Marketing and Finance.

As an intuitive, when I was in front of 50 students, I would feel like having 50 televisions in front of me, with the volume turned on at its maximum. I could pick up their thoughts, emotions, sicknesses, and blockages. I always wanted to deliver more than just the actual knowledge written in the books. I wanted to create a more holistic approach of knowledge, being able to merge different courses as well as different healing modalities.

When I created the AIG Kids, in order to help Autistic Intuitive and Genius Kids, I realized how fast they learn and how gifted they are. Our actual learning system brings us so many fears and doubts that we forget that we are gifted. We just rely on the knowledge written in books to make us feel comfortable.

This is why I decided to create the John Martin University, starting September 2015

  • Booster Yoga
  • Healing songs
  • Inventions and Research Center
  • Alpha 1 teachings
  • AIG Kids 12 step program
  • Become Who You Are 12 Step Program
  • Prayer Activation
  • Floatation Tank
  • Gift Activation
  • Guided Meditations
  • Angelic Healing Certificate
  • Online Group healings, and much more.

We wish to be able to heal ourselves very quickly when something happens to us. Imagine being able to create your own healing recipe with specific healings videos you can add one after the other.


Each video is 2 min long. You can put 10 videos in a row to create your own 20 min healing video. And save it as a playlist. How great would that be?

  • 60 videos in total.
  • 1 intro video to start the healing.
  • 1 closing video to close the healing.

Each 58 other videos are specific: weight loss, lower back pains, anger, sadness, neck pain, overwhelmed, exhausted.

For Example You Could Create

Intro video + anger + solar plexus + sadness + neck pain + weight loss + happiness + abundance + energy + closing video = 20 min healing video 1


But You Could Also Create Your Specific Weight Loss Video

intro video + weight loss + weight loss + weight loss + weight loss + weight loss + happiness + weight loss + energy + closing video = 20 min healing video 2

$360 for 12 Months