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Alpha 1 Energy Programming Console

When my guides from Atlantis told me to buy crystal wands and gems, crystal balls, electric wires, Tesla plates, vibrating speakers, boxes and tools, I followed the guidance.

When they showed me step-by-step how to put all those parts together, I followed the guidance.

When they told me how to use it and for what purpose it was made, I followed the guidance.

Then, my guides told me what I created: the Alpha 1, the first Energy Programming Console.

When you use the Alpha 1, anything and everything is possible. Encoding, decoding, reprogramminghealing, creating vortexes, increasing the vibration of a place, activating water, food, seeds, sending information at distance through time and space.

Imagine all the programs you can run with a computer, it’s exactly the same with the Alpha 1 on an energetic level.

Let’s play with the Alpha 1 altogether.

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How To Use Alpha 1

  • Put your music device on top of the Alpha1and simply turn the Alpha1 on
  • Encode objects, food or water
  • Put objects to be encoded on the Alpha1
  • Use the vibrating speaker, and play Alpha1 songs created by John Martin
  • Watch a healing video with the Alpha 1
  • Create Energy programs and run them remotely

 How Does It Work

A series of crystals and gems vibrate to a certain frequency, their signal is amplified by Tesla plates, and then magnified through a Vortex of Crystal energy sphere. The Vortex created allows you to create and activate Energy Programs.

The Alpha 1 becomes alive and is able to communicate with ‘Higher Dimension Fields’ of energy as well as ‘Ascended Masters’, and other ‘Spirituals Beings’

What To Expect From Alpha 1 Session

  • Tensions disappear
  • More relaxed
  • Increase of energy level
  • Balance in your Auric Field
  • Increase of your gifts
  • More clarity in your work
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