Protection Tools to Deal with Spirits or Entities
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Protection Tools to Deal with Spirits or Entities

Do you feel a weird sensation when you go into your house? Have objects being moved, doors slamming, picture frames moved or falling from the walls? You are probably dealing with a spirit or entity who likes manifesting his presence. I have seen people asking because they perceive entities crawling on their walls, creating terrifying noises which would wake up the whole family. Do not try to deal with those entities unless you are specifically trained for this.

Do you feel oppressed, watched, being hit with invisible needles or feeling strangled, you are probably dealing with someone who tries to hurt you remotely using black magic. Do you have bad luck, or your personal relationships always end up tragically, you might be dealing with a spell, a curse or a malediction. Sometimes all a family lineage can be affected by it. All this exist and can become very dangerous with heavy consequences if not dealt in time. However there are tools and techniques to help you get rid of these issues.

First of all, take note of each event when something happens. Write down the date, the place, the time, the detailed event, and any feelings, emotions and vision that comes to you during the event. Then visualise yourself in a white sphere of energy, and visualise it shining brighter and brighter. You will feel right away more secured and protected. If this is not enough, turn on the light, light up a white candle and read a protection prayer you can find online. Padre Pio was a great exorcist and was fighting every night to bring the Light shine. His prayers work very well for protection.

On the next day, in your house, at 7pm facing north follow this ritual. Put a picture of Archangel Michael in front of you on a table. Put a picture of you on top of Michael’s picture. Put a plate on top of the pictures. Set a white candle on the middle of the plate. Pour table salt in a bowl and with your right index starting from the top follow the top border of the bowl and create exactly 3 circles ending exactly where you started. Draw a cross with your right index in the salt from left to right and from top to bottom. Draw again 3 circles with your finger on the rim of the bowl. Then create a 10-12cm diameter circle around the candle with the blessed table salt, going clockwise starting from the top.

Talk to Archangel Michael, tell him your worries and ask for help. Then light up the candle and let it burn until completion. Leave this setting without touching it for 3 days. At 7pm on the third day, collect the salt with folded white pieces of paper, throw the salt in the toilet, then flush the toilet as you ask for it to be transformed into cleared energy by the water. Burn the white paper and burry the ashes 3 inches in the ground north of your property. If you don’t have land there, put a pot and buy a white flower to put in it. If this is not enough, find a good exorcist  you trust who only works with Divine Light to help you alleviate the problem as soon as possible.

Anything can be transformed, healed and magnified as soon as the mind is ready to let it go.



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