Soul Purpose:   Dalai Lama, John Paul II & Nelson Mandela
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Soul Purpose:   Dalai Lama, John Paul II & Nelson Mandela

  • Soul Purpose:   Dalai Lama, John Paul II & Nelson Mandela

Let’s talk about Soul. I have had so many people come to see me and they ask me the same questions. Why am I on earth? What should I be doing? How can one soul make a difference out of 7 billion people on earth? The first thing you have to know is that you are not alone and that each soul counts. Visualize yourself as being one tiny drop of water. Visualize each human being as drops of water creating waves, shapes, movement, by merging all together. Without these drops of water, these waves would not exist. Here is another concept that you should bear in mind. One soul never comes on earth with a single mission, but with a bigger mission, just like the waves.

I love stories. During all my childhood I asked my grandfather to tell me true stories that really happened. This was very important for me. Even now, I ask my guides for stories that are heart beating based on true facts. I said to my guides, “I want to know, and to learn more, about souls.” They showed me three people who came on earth with the same united mission. Are those people aware that they have a combined mission? Who knows? I would say yes, as they are very intuitive, very gifted, and they have deep inside of them an awareness that helped them to help others as well. Again, it is not important if one person is aware of their mission or not, this doesn’t make any difference.

Let’s talk a little bit about those three people. One of them is still alive, the two others have passed away. The 14th Dalai Lama is the one who is still alive. He had to leave his own country in order to save his life, and he now preaches internationally in order to deliver hope and messages for humanity. He represents one of three candles. When the 14th Dalai Lama fades away, this group of three people will have accomplished their mission. This is the amazing part of the soul mission. Be aware that death is only the beginning. Without the death of the other two people, the shifts would not have happened the way they did. The death of one person is sometimes more important than all their actions on earth during their living period of time. Jesus Christ, for example, had to die on the cross in order to become Jesus Christ. Whatever he created and whatever happened before, needed to end tragically in order to be a success for his mission on earth. Don’t get me wrong, he didn’t do it on purpose. It was definitely not a happy ending, but this was part of the plan.

Let’s have a closer look at who the other two people are besides the 14th Dalai Lama. The Pope John Paul II was one of them. He had a vision to place his church at the heart of a new religious alliance that would bring together Jews, Muslims and Christians in a great religious armada. We are not talking about religion here, we are talking about people acting and bringing awareness on earth, making shifts on different levels of consciousness in order to help raising the level of frequency of Humanity. This awareness creates ripples effects, just like the waves, with just one single man doing one single act. John Paul II did an amazing act after an event he didn’t even initiate. He took a bullet when someone tried to shoot him. When he was shot people thought he was going to die. He was lucky to survive. People called it a miracle as the surgeons said that the bullet was deviated from its heart artery trajectory by a few millimetres without any reason. Do you think this is the miracle? No. After recovering from his operation, John Paul II went into the jail to talk to the man who shot him. He gave him so much compassion, and he forgave him for his sins and acts. How could one person forgive like this? We are not just talking about someone trying to steal some money from you. This man tried to steal his life! How much would it take for one person to be able to forgive like that? John Paul II made it possible thanks to compassion, true and unconditional love.

The third person was held in jail for 27 years because as a South African apartheid revolutionary politician, he was against the ideas of the government at that time. How could one person stay 27 years in a jail without going crazy? Nelson Mandela was aware that he was supposed to be helping his people. He would not dive into anger or resentment. Instead he used this time to learn and to gain diplomas. How could he do it? Only because he knew deep inside of his soul what was supposed to be his mission, and he had to be ready when the time came. He knew that one day he would come out and lead his people, and become the president of his country, followed and supported by all.

This is about awareness, being able to share your gifts, about being aware that you are not just one single person, but that you are part of a group who count on you. This is what makes you unique. It is not about one person’s life, it is about what you accomplish in this life. Sometimes, it might be just one act, one event. And you might have to be prepared all your life for this single event. Sometimes, you are aware of this act, and sometimes you are not. Sometimes your mission is to give birth and raise one child, giving him all the tools that he needs, for this child to start his journey. And your mission was to help this child, to give him as much love as he could receive from you, to be nourished by all your love, so he could go and help others.

If you wish to discover your mission, follow this simple exercise. Focus two centimetres below your belly button. Inside of you visualize water, pure, calm, crystal water. On top of this water, visualize a crystal ball. This crystal ball is clear in colour. This crystal ball is floating there on top the water. Focus on this crystal ball, ask for guidance, about what is your soul purpose, what is your mission on Earth. Write this question on a piece of paper. Fold the paper into four. Put it under your pillow, and spend the night over it. You will see amazing results coming towards you in life. Most of the time on the next morning you will get your answer. If you didn’t receive your answer, be patient, do it again for the next following two nights. By the third night, you will have your answers, either through visions, messages, signs, or from other people talking to you. The mind has amazing abilities that we are only starting to understand, and are able to play with.

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