Spiritually Coded Programs (SCP) by John Martin
The Spiritually Coded Programs are affordable, very powerful and accurate. They include tools, visualization exercises, and energy work. Orders for individual specifically crafted SCP by John Martin are also available.
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Spiritually Coded Programs (SCP)

Spiritually Coded Programs

The Spiritually Coded Programs are 20 min videos, crafted by John Martin. They are affordable, very powerful and  accurate. They include tools, visualization exercises, and energy work.

Your body is amazing. You can unprogram patterns, behaviours, illnesses, and replace them with positive thoughts, and quantum energy shifts. Within few weeks, your life will be just great and fun!

When we create the list of things we wish to improve in our life, we often come up with the same topics.
We wish to get rid of entities, develop our abilities, manifest more abundance, release our fears…

SCP videos tutorials:
Define which Spiritually Coded Programs you need right now and how to use them.

Discover through this easy step by step video tutorial how to define what you need most to transform and release right now.


Let John Martin guide you through a meditation and visualization exercise to help you find which topic you need to focus right now.

Surprise yourself finding on your own on a scale from 1 to 10 how much you are concerned and worried about this topic.
Then find how many times you need to watch your specific SCP (Spiritually Coded Program) in order to release your pains, and manifest wealth in your life.


If your score is between 6-10, watch your SCP twice a week
If your score is between 3-5, watch your SCP once a week
If your score is either 1 or 2, you don’t need to watch this SCP any more.


Repeat this test once a week week until you don’t need to watch the SCP anymore.

You will find below already created SCP. If the SCP you are looking for is not available, John will be creating it for you.


It took me only two sessions watching this video to completely release the blockages I had around my guilt I kept for so long. It was amazing. I highly recommend the Spiritually Coded Programs to anyone.
Sylvie M.

The entities in my body were driving me crazy. I couldn’t keep with it. I felt not me anymore. Few sessions of the Spiritually Coded Program and they were all gone. I had my life back.
Richard T.

Being able to feel the activation of my chakras and the flow of energy running through them just by looking at the Spiritually Coded Program is amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who wish to connect even closer to their abilities.
Mae U.


Book your amazing package for the release of the SCP videos:

1 Individual healing with John and 1 SCP for AU$77

This month, enjoy those 2 FREE SCP 😉

Create your own individual
Spiritually Coded Program (SCP)
Give us the name of your topic, and within 48 hours John will create and send it to you.

Order your Individual SCP $50

Sponsor a SCP as an individual $70
Have your name written next to the SCP you order.
Eg. Love sponsored by Rania Hamod

Sponsor a SCP through your company $150
Have the name, with the link directed to the website of your company written next to the SCP.
Eg. Lyme Disease sponsored by Hampl

SCP Video Testimonial

Share a post on your FB page, and receive a Free Spiritually Coded Program on Rescue.

Share your SCP experience with your friends.

Spiritually Coded Programs

SCP Rescue

When you really need some help.

Here is the list of the SCP available right now, at $20 each
You will receive your order within 24h.

3rd Eye Activation

Manifest and Increase your 3rd Eye abilities.

Chakras activation

Activate, stabilise, realigns your chakras.


Embrace the changes in your life.

Entities Removal

Clear and release entities.
Increase your level of frequency, repair your aura leaks, help you reconnecting with your soul.


Transform your fears.


Manifest and develop the fire element within you.


Release your grief and set you free.


Open your heart to your self-love.

Love, sponsored by Rania Hamod

Open your heart, clear the blockages, cut the old relationships.

Lyme Disease, sponsored by Hampl

Help you to get better with this infection. Bringing you more energy, more will and strength.


Increase and balance your power.


Identify the pressure key factors and transform them.


When you really need some help.

Shame & Guilt

Release the shame and guilt and all emotions linked to it.

Sex Drive

Balance your sex drive.


Increase the trust, and release all blockages linked to it.


Increase and control your visions.

List of SCP coming soon:

Different Topics:

AIG Kids 1, Grounding, Loss & break-up, Past Life Release, Radiations, Psychic clearing, Skin Rejuvenation

Suggested list of SCP to order:

Different categories:

Activities, Attract, Business, Couples, Emotions, Healings, Increase, Kids, Periods of Life, Personal Development, Pets, Sicknesses


Different Topics:

Abundance, Anger, Attract your Beloved, Attracting a partner, Attract Money, Burns, Cellulite, Colds and flues, Competitions, Couple Harmony, Couple trauma release, Creativity, Depression, Eating disorder, Exams, Find a job, Fitness Gym, Forgiveness, Greed, Grounding, Gut pain, Happiness, Healing abilities, Increase self confidence, Increase your memory, Increase your skills, Issues with colleagues, Job interview, Loneliness, Love your body, Martial arts, Mathematics, Meditation, Miracle, Motherhood, Musician, Nail biting, Off Balance, Orgasm, Painting, Past Life Release, Peace, Pet behaviour,  Public Speaking, PMS, Procrastination, Protection, Psychic abilities, Quit addictions, Quit Gambling, Quit smoking, Reading, Recovery, Running, Selfish, Sensitivity, Sexual abuse,  Skin Rejuvenation, Speaking, Stress Balance, Success, Twin Flame, Weight Loss, Yoga

Order your Individual SCP $50